The Legislative Monitoring Committee focuses on the following measures:

  • Administration of justice
  • Court organization, selection, tenure, salary and other incidents of the judicial office
  • Rules and laws affecting practice and procedure in the courts and in administrative bodies exercising adjudicatory functions
  • The practice of law

OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 3

Legislative Proposals and Endorsements in Principle:

  • The House of Delegates has the authority to place a measure on the Legislative Program or to endorse it in principle, with at least a 60% vote.

OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 5

Action by the Association upon proposals for improvement of the law by legislation or by judicial rule shall consist of:

  • Adoption as part of the Legislative Program of the Association;
  • Endorsement in principle.

OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 2

Legislative Report - 58th Legislature

The First Regular Session of the 58th Legislature begins Feb. 7, 2022. The OBA Legislative Monitoring Committee meets regularly and is watching legislative activity.

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By Miles Pringle
published in the April 2022 Oklahoma Bar Journal

On Tuesday, March 22, the OBA held its annual Day at the Capitol. It was great to finally have an in-person event again! We had a fantastic lineup of speakers, including Jari Askins, administrative director of the courts at the Oklahoma Judicial Center; Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman; Trevor S. Pemberton, general counsel for the Office of Gov. J. Kevin Stitt; Dick Pryor, general manager of KGOU Radio; and Shawn Ashley, Quorum Call publisher.  

Following these presentations, we walked over to the Capitol and handed out letters to legislators explaining that the OBA is a nonpartisan association of individuals admitted by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to practice law in Oklahoma that does not receive any appropriations from the Legislature. Additionally, we offered to be a resource if they would like information on the legal impact of any particular bill. I want to thank everyone who was able to help at the Capitol and the OBA staff for assisting with the event.  

Regarding the current session, bills continue to march through the process. Bills were required to be out of committee in their chamber of origin by March 3 and out of the chamber of origin entirely by March 24. The governor has already signed several bills into law, most of which are housekeeping measures allocating funds for ongoing purposes. 

We can expect to see substantial changes to medical marijuana regulation in Oklahoma. The House Republican Medical Marijuana Working Group has set out a “12-point plan.” Instead of one bill, the approach is to run several bills through the process. For example, HB2024 would require annual inspections of all marijuana businesses, and HB3634 proposes to create a new, separate license for wholesalers. There is also serious discussion of pulling the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority out from under the Health Department and making it a stand-alone entity.  

If there is any legislation you are following, keep in mind the remaining deadlines:  

  • April 4: House deadline for SBs/SJRs out of subcommittee 
  • April 14: Committees deadline for bills from opposite chamber 
  • April 22: Deadline for SBs/SJRs out of full A&B committee 
  • April 28: Third reading in opposite house deadline 
  • May 27: Sine die adjournment 

Following the session in August, the OBA Legislative Monitoring Committee will host the Legislative Debrief, discussing bills that made it into law. If you’d like to join the committee, please visit https://bit.ly/3wwswQA 


Mr. Pringle is general counsel for The Bankers Bank in Oklahoma City and serves as the Legislative Monitoring Committee chairperson. Contact him through the committee’s Communities page online in MyOKBar.