Governance & Membership

Dues Waiver for Active Military Members

  • Active OBA Members who are in an active duty and deployed status serving outside of the United States or one of its territories with the Armed Forces of the United States in a combat zone or receiving “Imminent Danger Pay” (Combat Pay) or “hardship duty pay” in any given year may request that dues be waived for that year.
  • A request for a waiver of dues, along with sufficient supporting documentation of service (official Orders, etc.), shall be submitted to the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association as soon as reasonably practical.
  • Members requesting such dues waiver shall have the right to appeal any administrative decisions made by the Executive Director to the Board of Governors of the Oklahoma Bar Association and ultimately to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.
  • In the event the member is not able to submit the request personally, such request can be made by a family member, law partner or other such person having authority to act on behalf of the member.

To request the military dues waiver, send the appropriate documentation to Executive Director Janet K. Johnson.


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