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January 2021 | Meet Your Bar Association

Feature Articles

2021 OBA President Mike Mordy
It is clear Mike Mordy’s family has shaped him into the person he is today and will continue to refine him in the years to come. Being raised in a close-knit family, Mike grew up with his younger brother in Ardmore. Although Mike remembers Ardmore as a great place to grow up, he swore he would never return once he left for college.

Plus Articles

Leadership Changes for State’s Highest Courts
Richard Darby is the new Oklahoma Supreme Court chief justice. He has been a member of the Oklahoma Supreme Court since his appointment by Gov. Mary Fallin in April 2018 and just completed a two-year term as vice chief justice.

Material Changes to Deposition Testimony Through Errata Sheet
Hypothetical: You are finally able to take the deposition of the opposing party, and you are surprisingly successful. The plaintiff admits several times he knew about your client’s so-called fraud about four years before he filed suit. Since the statute of limitations is two years, you promptly file a motion for summary judgment.

TAXATION LAW SECTION NOTE: 2020 Oklahoma Tax Legislation
The following is a summary of some changes in Oklahoma law on state taxation enacted by the Oklahoma Legislature in the 2020 session of the Legislature. Certain tax bills passed by the Legislature in the 2020 session that were vetoed by the governor are also summarized.