Oklahoma Bar Journal

March 2021 | Marijuana and the Law

Feature Articles

Does the Federal Criminal Code Allow Landlords to Evict Residential Tenants for Possession of Marijuana? A Look into HUD Regulations and Federal Preemption
By Orion A. Strand
Following the enactment of medicinal cannabis and marijuana decriminalization laws across the country, one question residential landlords have repeatedly asked is: Can I evict my tenant for using or possessing medicinal cannabis on the basis that such activity remains a violation of federal criminal law?

Marijuana and Family Law
By Aaron Bundy
The federal Controlled Substances Act created categories of drugs called “schedules.”

Marijuana and the Workplace: A Case Study
By Michael A. Furlong and Laura McConnell-Corbyn
“Drug Testing,” a 2006 episode of the hit TV series The Office, opens with the intrepid corporate climber, Dwight Schrute, discovering marijuana on the premises of the fictional company, Dunder Mifflin.

Waste Not, Want Not
By Rachel O. Klubeck
When State Question 788 passed in June 2018 with 56.86% voter approval, Oklahoma became the 30th state to allow for the sale of medical marijuana to state-registered patients.

Specific Use Permits and Municipal Regulation of the Medical Marijuana Industry
By David Weatherford
In 2018, medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, creating a frenzy of discussion about the ability of local governments to regulate the industry. From zoning and area restrictions to complete bans, some public officials explored every available option, resulting in lawsuits and challenges that attempted to reconcile the public will of legalization with the local desire to regulate land use.