She’s Number One; Norman attorney registers first for Annual Meeting

November 2, 2020

“I made it a priority to register for the annual meeting because, as a young attorney, I am always searching for opportunities to learn, especially free ones that come with a swag bag for the early birds,” said Kelly Bergin from Norman.

Bergin was among the first 500 registrants who received a box filled with items donated by sponsors including a mask, exercise bands, pens, bag, mints, reading materials and more. If you haven’t joined the more than 1,400 OBA members attending the week’s worth of annual meeting programming including free CLE and online activities, you have time to register for the online meeting..

Kelly sent us a dispatch about being the first registrant, receiving her “swag bag” and maneuvering through an epic October ice storm.

Free CLE pays big dividends

“I would absolutely encourage my fellow OBA members to register, especially newly licensed attorneys – I have taken advantage of every free CLE I could get my hands on, and it has paid back dividends not just in the material but in the people I’ve met,” said Bergin.

About her practice at Joanna Boyd Law in Norman

“I practice family law, and practicing during a pandemic has been a unique challenge for me like it has for all of us. We’ve each experienced this global crisis differently, attorneys and clients alike, but the unifying thread is that we have all been impacted. It has always been my goal to be an accessible advocate for my clients, who are often navigating a trying time in their lives, and my commitment to that principle has only deepened as we all learn to cope with life in the age of COVID-19.”

Ready to Bounce Back

“I am looking forward to this year’s theme of Bouncing Back because I know I am surrounded by an incredible group of resourceful and resilient individuals. Joining this profession means being in the midst of a caliber of individuals that provide constant challenges and opportunities (demands?) for growth, and for that I’m grateful. I look forward to drawing on the strength of my colleagues as we continue to bounce back, whatever that looks like.

“I know I’m not the only one who has missed out on their usual non-attorney activities this year, so I’ve included a photo of myself and my horse Copenhagen, who is currently under the mistaken impression that she is retired. Here’s hoping we’re all doing more of what we love in 2021,” she said.

Kelly Bergin and Copenhagen

It was exciting at the Oklahoma Bar Center when registration opened and more than 500 signed up in just a couple of days. The good news about our virtual meeting is registration remains open and the content, including the free CLE, will be available during the meeting, Nov. 9 – 13, and through the end of November. Click here to visit the annual meeting website here.

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