Kick It Forward

Kick It Forward

The Kick It Forward project was born out of a desire to help fellow lawyers with financial difficulties. With the many economic challenges lawyers face today, it can be a struggle to build up and maintain a legal practice. That’s why the Young Lawyers Division launched Kick It Forward in 2015, with a mission to assist lawyers of all ages in need by paying their OBA dues while they get on their feet.

The program is funded by donations made through an election on your dues statement. By completing the Kick It Forward line, lawyers agree to pay $20 (or the amount of your choice) to the program in addition to annual dues.

Ways to Donate

Donate with your dues

You can donate online when paying your dues electronically, or complete the donation line on the paper dues statement and include payment with your mailed dues payment.

Mail a donation

Already paid your dues? No problem! You can mail a check payable to the OBA, P.O. Box 53036, Oklahoma City, OK 73152. Include program name on the lower left corner of the check.

Request Assistance

The deadline to apply for assistance is Jan. 31. Eligible recipients will be attorneys who:

  1. Are currently licensed and in good standing;
  2. Reside primarily in Oklahoma;
  3. Are actively engaged in the practice of law or searching for legal employment;
  4. Are earning less than $1,500 gross each month; and
  5. Are willing to “Kick It Forward” and pay at least the amount paid on their behalf back into the program at some future date.