Continuing Legal Education

Recorded Seminars

Beginning with the 2019 compliance year, members may earn all of their required 12 hours of MCLE credit by viewing any In Person, Webcast, Audio Webcast or CLE Online Anytime program. There is no limitation on the number of Online Anytime program hours that can be earned for compliance. CLE Online Anytime programs can be viewed at any day or time and can be stopped and resumed at a later day or time.  OBA members are encouraged to utilize your home or office computer rather than coming to the Bar Center to view unless special circumstances prohibit you from doing so.  Group viewing of recordings is still available with a minimum of five (5) OBA members.

The applicable Regulation in its entirety states:
4.1.8 Approval may be given for programs where audiovisual recorded or reproduced material is used. Television video programs and motion picture programs with sound shall qualify for CLE credit in the same manner as a live CLE program provided: (a) the original CLE program was approved for CLE credit as provided in these regulations or the visual recorded program has been approved by the Commission under these rules, and (b) each person attending the visual presentation is provided written material as provided in Regulation 4.1.6 and (c) each program is conducted in a location as required in Regulation 4.1.7 and (d) there are a minimum of five (5) persons enrolled and in attendance at the presentation of the visually recorded program unless viewed at the Oklahoma Bar Center or sponsored by a county bar association in Oklahoma. (emphasis added)

2018-2019 Recorded Programs

Recorded programs may be viewed at the Oklahoma Bar Center or we can arrange for group viewing of 5 or more attorneys. CLE credit is from 1-12 hours, including ethics. Call Renee at 405-416-7029 or email reneem@okbar.org to schedule. CLICK HERE to view or download the PDF version.

How OBA/CLE Group Replays Work

A minimum of five people must be present for your on-site viewing.

  1. Review the list of available programs
  2. Select a seminar for replay
  3. Select a date, time and location for the replay
  4. Notify OBA/CLE of your selection by emailing Renee Montgomery or calling her at 405-416-7029.
  5. A designated member for the group will be registered for the program and course materials will be placed in each member’s account once those names are provided.  Affidavit of attendance forms will be sent to the person designated to receive the information or to the location of the replay
  6. This designated person is responsible for sending payment to OBA/CLE
  7. The designated member will collect tuition payments from the participants. Payment may be by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). Those using credit cards as payment should complete all requested credit card information: name of person on card, card number, CVV, and expiration date
  8. After viewing, affidavits and payment are sent back to OBA/CLE.
  9. Each participant completing an affidavit of attendance and making payment will receive MCLE credit for the seminar when the affidavit and payment are received. They should be mailed to Oklahoma Bar Association, CLE Department, 1901 N. Lincoln, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, attention: Renee Montgomery