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From the Executive Director | The 119th Annual Meeting: Aspiring and Inspiring Members

By Janet Johnson

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The OBA Annual Meeting is a great time for all our members to socialize and get quality continuing legal education. This year’s theme is “Aspire & Inspire,” and we ask that you all join us, so we can gather and discuss growth, collaboration and visions for the OBA.

One of the central aspects of the Annual Meeting is the power of aspiration. It's a time to aspire for greatness, set new goals, envision future accomplishments and chart the path forward. As members come together, we are hopeful that visions will be shared and that a collective ambition will grow to push our association to evolve and thrive.

But let’s take it one step further – another central tenet of this year’s meeting is our drive to inspire. It is time to motivate others by recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of the past year. From our many OBA awards to section and committee work, our members continually go above and beyond. Seeing such great work gives me a sense of pride and determination to find ways to inspire more involvement for the greater good of the OBA. All our membership accomplishments, whether big or small, serve as beacons of inspiration and demonstrate what can be achieved with dedication and teamwork.

In today's fast-paced world, the value of face-to-face interaction cannot be understated. The Annual Meeting provides a space for members to build relationships beyond virtual exchanges and emails. Personal connections are formed, friendships are kindled and collaborations are sparked. This human touch brings warmth and authenticity to the association, strengthening its foundation for future endeavors.

I call on each of you to join us at this year’s Annual Meeting – it will be a touchstone event that embodies the spirit of coming together, aspiring and inspiring. It's a merging of minds and hearts, where diverse perspectives meld into a shared vision for the future. Through this gathering, aspirations are transformed into goals, and inspiration is harnessed to fuel action. The connections made during this time connect members and create unity.

Please join us this Nov. 1-3 at the historic Skirvin Hotel for the 119th Annual Meeting, and let’s embark on a collective journey toward growth, collaboration and the realization of shared dreams. See you all then as we strive to “Aspire & Inspire” all!

To contact Executive Director Johnson, email her at janetj@okbar.org.


Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal – OBJ 95 Vol 7 (September 2023)

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