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What's New with YLD?

By April Moaning

Members of the OBA YLD Board of Directors typically attend the ABA YLD Fall Conference in October. Unlike the ABA YLD midyear meeting referenced in my March 2021 article, participants are generally not expected to vote on resolutions. Instead, the fall conference is an opportunity for young lawyers across the nation to reconnect and let their hair down a little. Attendees participate in networking, community service and dining events. There are myriad innovative CLE seminars covering a broad range of topics. Board members look forward to traveling each year so they can mingle, dine and learn in a new environment. Last year’s fall conference was conducted virtually, and we were hopeful that an in-person conference would be in the cards this year. Our wish was not granted, but we were presented with a perfect opportunity to start a new tradition.

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Travel To the Land of Enchantment

The board was invited to attend the Western States Regional Summit of ABA YLD Affiliates in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We swiftly accepted the invitation and are elated to attend. The regional summit will include programming related to diversity, inclusion, ethics and wellness. The topics are especially ripe considering the rise in mental health challenges during the pandemic. We are hopeful that we can return to Oklahoma with nuggets of information and innovative mental health resources that we can share with the OBA Lawyers Helping Lawyers Assistance Program.

Connecting With Generation Z

I have referenced the OBA Young Adult Guide in prior articles, the purpose of which is to disseminate helpful information to those who are new to “adulting” (a phrase coined by social media influencers). The board reconvenes every few years to develop innovative ways to connect with high school students and assist with their transition from high school student to adulthood. We have tried filming skits, publishing a physical booklet and creating an iPhone app. Trends change quickly. Especially when you are competing with the newest TikTok dance and social media platforms. The board decided that it is once again time to re-evaluate the ways in which we connect with up-and-coming lawyers (i.e., Generation Z). We understand that shareable experiences such as Instagram stories and memes are now paramount. Thus, we are eliminating the Young Adult Guide app and are opting for shareable, interactive videos that highlight topics important to younger generations.

As always, feel free to contact any member of the board if you wish to participate in our out-of-state trips or projects. Until next time!


Ms. Moaning practices in Oklahoma City and serves as the YLD chairperson. She may be contacted at aprilmoaninglaw@gmail.com. Keep up with the YLD at www.facebook.com/obayld.




If you are in need of help with stress, depression, addiction and/or other mental health challenges, confidential help is available. Please contact the OBA Lawyers Helping Lawyers Assistance Program at 800-364-7886.

Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal – OBJ 92 Vol 9 (November 2021)