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Oklahoma Bar Association Expands Member Benefits with Three New Practice Management Software Solutions

By Julie Bays

The Oklahoma Bar Association has expanded its member benefits with the addition of three new practice management software solutions: Smokeball, Tabs3 and TimeSolv. OBA members who subscribe to these practice management services will receive discounts.

The OBA's commitment to supporting members is evident in its lineup of valuable resources at a discount, such as Smokeball, Tabs3 and TimeSolv. These new member benefits allow attorneys to enhance their practices, better serve their clients and stay organized in an increasingly competitive legal landscape. Practice management software plays a crucial role in helping attorneys streamline their practices, increase productivity and enhance client satisfaction. By providing tools for time management, organization and communication, the right software can enable law firms to operate more effectively and stay competitive.

OBA members are encouraged to explore practice management software solutions and consider the advantages they can bring to their own practices. Different solutions focus on various aspects of law practice, which is why the OBA provides free consulting for Oklahoma lawyers who are shopping for a practice management tool.

Smokeball, Tabs3 and TimeSolv each offer unique features and benefits to support law firms of all sizes:

            Smokeball is a cloud-based case management software that offers robust automation and document management features, including automatic time tracking and invoicing. Smokeball has an extensive library of more than 20,000 standard legal forms and documents and will work with customers to add state-specific forms to their software.

            Tabs3 is a comprehensive billing, financial and practice management solution that can be purchased as separate modules or as a package. It includes a comprehensive trust accounting system, which helps lawyers manage client funds and ensures compliance with trust accounting rules. The software offers a range of reports and analytics to help law firms track their financial performance and make informed business decisions.

            TimeSolv is a web-based time tracking and billing software designed for attorneys to efficiently manage their work and maximize revenue. TimeSolv enables attorneys to accurately track time, create detailed invoices and monitor their firm's financial health.

Brief descriptions of the practice management solutions, along with the discounts and features they provide, landing pages and promo codes are available at www.okbar.org (OBA members must sign in to MyOKBar using their bar number and password to access links to the landing pages and promo codes).


Julie Bays is the OBA practice management advisor, aiding attorneys in using technology and other tools to efficiently manage their offices.

Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal – OBJ 94 Vol 5 (May 2023)

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