Oklahoma Bar Journal

OBA Newsstand: Free Benefit to Provide Daily Legal News Updates


Good things (and sometimes technology projects) take time.

We hoped to have the latest OBA member benefit, OBA Newsstand, launched earlier this year.

But it is coming soon. What is the OBA Newsstand? It is a daily newsfeed with practice-specific news, curated in partnership with Lexology. With OBA Newsstand, you will receive valuable news and information from a wide range of global and national agencies and firms, targeted to the areas of law reflecting your interests.

“Investing a few moments to customize this service to focus on your particular interests is the path to turn this from a good service to an outstanding one,” said Jim Calloway, OBA Management Assistance Program director. “Begin by focusing on a few subjects of importance to you so the update will be shorter in length. You can add more areas later.”

To remove or add areas of interest or jurisdictions, you can request a code to access your account page. All changes must be made on the Lexology site. Your personal data will remain confidential.

Lexology delivers a comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights. More than 450 articles are published every day from over 900 leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 25 languages. The searchable archive contains more than one million articles. The combination of timely, quality, granular information and relevant insight provides an unparalleled user experience.