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January 2018 | Meet Your Bar Association


Feature Articles

Meet 2018 President Kimberly Hays
Kimberly Hays was born Aug. 18 in a year we’re not going to mention. She was born and raised in Tulsa with her brother Craig. She grew up the daughter of a school teacher and an attorney. “My mom was an elementary school teacher while I was growing up. She retired when my daughter was born. Then, she opened up a reading clinic that she still has today. My dad was a special judge when I was little. I used to sit on the bench in my little pig tales.”

Plus Articles

Using Cost Per Case to Revolutionize Your Firm's Marketing Strategy
Are you having difficulty figuring out how to market your firm? Between TV and radio commercials, print and internet ads, billboards and blogs, it can be overwhelming to determine what avenue will best reach your target clients.

Constructive Notice: Oklahoma's Hybrid System Affecting Surface and Mineral Titles
The process in Oklahoma to give constructive notice of instruments relating to real property, or an interest therein (e.g., conveyances and encumbrances, and judgments – instruments), might appear to be uniform and easy to understand, but is it?

Supreme Court Approves New 'Retired Member' Classification as a Membership Option
The greying of the legal profession has been forecast for many years, and the reality has arrived -- fewer new lawyers entering the profession and the majority of OBA members over the age of 50. On Dec. 5 the Oklahoma Supreme Court approved the creation of a new Retired Member classification, which was overwhelming approved by the OBA House of Delegates at the November OBA Annual Meeting.