Oklahoma Bar Journal

February 2021 | Probate

Feature Articles

Access to a Deceased’s Digital Accounts
Do you remember a time when you first encountered the cultural relevancy of digital technology? For me, an avid movie watcher, that time was in 1998 when I watched You’ve Got Mail.

Creditors, Claims and Costs of Administering or Probating an Estate
If you’ve been practicing in probate for any amount of time, you likely have a probate intake form for the prospective client that asks for heirs, assets and debts of the estate and decedent, along with other basic information.

How to Know When You Need to File a Probate
Oklahoma law generally allows for three different probate procedures. First, is the traditional probate procedure under Oklahoma Statutes Title 58, generally. Second, is summary administration under 58 O.S. §246. Third, is an ancillary proceeding under 58 O.S. §677.

Good Grief! Why Choose a Summary Probate?
Attorneys love a client who has everything together – the estate plan was put together, the will is clear and unambiguous and there are organized records for all real and personal property, and maybe there is even a detailed trust agreement.

When and How to Use Oklahoma’s Affidavits Instead of Probate
One of the hardest things we face in our lives is the death of a loved one. The grief and stress associated with that loss can be overwhelming. Adding the costs, complexities and pressure of going to court for probate can be crippling.

The New Public Handbooks for Oklahoma Minor and Adult Guardianships
Guardianships are often a part of estate planning, either intentionally or as a result of an unexpected circumstance. The express purpose of the Oklahoma Guardianship Act1 is to promote the general welfare by establishing a system of general and limited guardianships for minors and incapacitated persons.