Oklahoma Bar Journal

Two New OBA Member Benefits Added

By Julie A. Bays

EDITOR'S NOTE: Prior to publication of this issue, Tabs3 (owner of Kurent) announced it is retiring Kurent due to its merger with CosmoLex. CosmoLex provides a similar product and is still available as a discount benefit to OBA members.

As lawyers look for more efficient ways to serve their clients, companies are developing new and innovative ways to meet this demand. OBA members can now take advantage of discounts on two additional services.

Casetext is a legal research tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to search for cases faster. Their database includes all federal and 50-state cases, statutes and regulations. It includes articles by attorneys, briefs and summaries of black letter law. CARA, Casetext’s artificial intelligence technology, finds cases and other matters by dragging and dropping in a brief or complaint that the user has downloaded or is working on. OBA members will receive a 15 percent discount for life with the cost starting at $55.25 a month ($663 a year) for a single-user subscription.

Kurent is a cloud-based billing service that tracks time, creates and sends invoices, manages trust accounts and receives payments. This product integrates with LawPay and QuickBooks. Kurent is designed to get bills out fast. It was developed for solo and small firms and is less expensive than other full practice management products. The cost starts at $26 a month per user. OBA members subscribing for the first time receive a 10 percent discount for the monthly or yearly subscription for the first year.

More details about these two new OBA member benefits and the discounts and features they provide are available online. To access them, log in to your MyOKBar account through www.okbar.org and click the “Practice Management Software Benefits” link in the box under your profile information.

Ms. Bays is practice management advisor in the OBA Management Assistance Program Department.

Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal -- OBJ 90 pg. 38 (February 2019)