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OBF President Judge Deanna Hartley-Kelso presents Ben Russ with the Roger Scott Memorial Award during the General Assembly at the 2023 OBA Annual Meeting.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation is excited to announce that Ben Russ is the 2023 Roger Scott Memorial Award recipient. This award is named after Roger Scott for his service as an OBF Trustee from 2003 to 2009 and for his leadership as chair of the Development Committee.

Like Roger Scott, Ben Russ encompasses outstanding professionalism, congeniality and the highest regard for ethics. Mr. Russ is an active member of the OBF Board of Trustees, and he makes valuable contributions to the committees he serves, especially his work as chair of the Grants & Awards Committee. He is also a generous Community Partner for Justice donor and is dedicated to supporting the OBF Grantees.

Congratulations, Ben! Thank you for your leadership as a board member, and thank you for being a loyal donor of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation. You are making a difference for those in need of legal services.






Patrick O’Hara receives the Klein/Brown Award from Judge Hartley-Kelso during the General Assembly at the 2023 OBA Annual Meeting.

The OBF is also extremely proud to recognize Patrick O’Hara as the 2023 Klein/Brown Award recipient. This award is named after two OBF past presidents, Gerald B. Klein and Jack L. Brown, for their visionary leadership.

Like Mr. Klein and Mr. Brown, Mr. O’Hara, throughout his career, has made significant contributions to the OBF. He served as an Executive Committee member and moved up the ranks to serve as 2020 president. He also served as Grants & Awards chair for several years and participated in a special task force to create a brand-new allocation process that helps fund nonprofits providing mortgage foreclosure defense and community redevelopment. He also interviewed his sister, Broadway star Kelly O’Hara, on video to entertain attendees of the OBA’s virtual Annual Meeting during the COVID pandemic. Mr. O’Hara is an OBF Partner for Justice donor, and his firm, Tisdal & O’Hara, has given generously to the OBF over the years.

Thank you, Patrick, for your past and continued leadership. Your vital contributions continue to empower legal services programs in Oklahoma.



More About Gerald B. Klein and Jack L. Brown

Gerald B. Klein, while serving as OBA president in 1946, created the Oklahoma Bar Foundation as the charitable arm of the association. Mr. Klein then served as OBF president in 1957.

Jack L. Brown served as OBF president in 2016 and is responsible for modernizing the administration and management of the foundation’s assets. His leadership as president created a new level of effectiveness and awareness about the OBF’s impact on legal services in Oklahoma.

Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal – OBJ 95 Vol 10 (December 2023)

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