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From the Executive Director | Embracing Bar Leadership

By Janet Johnson

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In mid-March, I had the great fortune of attending the ABA Bar Leadership Institute with OBA President-Elect Ken Williams. I always leave such meetings invigorated and sparked with new energy and pride – not just in furtherance of my role as a bar leader but as a lawyer in Oklahoma.

I am proud to live and practice in the heartland of America. Oklahoma has a complex and rich history, vibrant culture and dynamic legal landscape, all of which offer an array of opportunities and advantages for those pursuing a career in law. From the urban cores to the rural landscapes, being a lawyer in Oklahoma is an enriching experience filled with unique benefits.

Something I have found to be advantageous is the strong sense of community that comes with practicing law in Oklahoma. I believe Oklahoma fosters a close-knit legal community where professionals can collaborate and support one another. Whether it's through OBA section and committee involvement, local bar associations or Inns of Court, lawyers in Oklahoma have ample opportunities to make meaningful connections and contribute positively to society. A sense of connectedness is never something I want to take for granted.

I also learned that many other states are impressed by the diverse range of practice areas in Oklahoma. From oil and gas law to Native American law, environmental law to agricultural law, the state's economy and demographics present a multitude of legal opportunities. Whether representing multinational corporations or advocating for marginalized communities, lawyers in Oklahoma have the chance to work on cases that have both local and global significance.

Furthermore, Oklahoma's legal system is characterized by its commitment to fairness and accessibility. The state's judiciary is well known for its impartiality and dedication to upholding the rule of law. With a well-established judicial selection process and a judiciary that values transparency and accountability, lawyers in Oklahoma can have confidence in the integrity of the legal process.

Alas, being a lawyer in Oklahoma offers a myriad of advantages that make it a truly rewarding and fulfilling career choice. From the sense of community among legal professionals to the diverse range of practice areas and opportunities for professional growth, Oklahoma provides an ideal environment for lawyers to thrive. With its commitment to justice, fairness and accessibility, Oklahoma's legal landscape is one that inspires and empowers lawyers to make a positive impact on society while enjoying a fulfilling and meaningful career. I am proud to be an Oklahoma lawyer!


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Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar JournalOBJ 95 No. 4 (April 2024)

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