McGirt CLE Courses Offered

August 10, 2020

Oklahoma City, August 10, 2020 – The Oklahoma Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Department has made available two online courses addressing the recent McGirt decision. The courses, available online, are the first in a planned multi-part series on the issue following this summer’s US Supreme Court decision in the landmark case.

OBA CLE Director Janet Johnson said the courses will provide members with valuable information for their practices on a variety of issues. “We are honored to have Casey Ross who leads the American Indian Law & Sovereignty Center at Oklahoma City University as our first presenter,” said Johnson.

Ross’ presentations provide two Continuing Legal Education hours. The first course is titled, “McGirt: What Happened? What does it mean? What happens next?” Another hour class is “Practical Considerations After McGirt.” Both classes are available anytime through OBA’s CLE course catalog.

Johnson said she expects more courses to be added to the series as the implications of the McGirt case are realized throughout Oklahoma.

Both courses are offered for a special combined price of $34.90, or $19.95 for each course.

In the July 2020, five-to-four decision, the high court found in McGirt versus Oklahoma, that for the purposes of the Major Crimes Act, land throughout much of eastern Oklahoma reserved for the Creek Nation in the 19th century remains a Native American territory.