February 2022 Bar Results

April 19, 2022

Results – February 2022 Oklahoma Bar Exam

A total of 141 took the exam; 66 passed; pass rate 47%.

The following list includes EVERYONE who passed the February 2022 exam.

  • Abraham, Andrew Francis
  • Ailey, Ashley Nicole
  • Alabbasi, Alex Abraham
  • Allred, Spencer David
  • Ames, Tyler Edward
  • Atkinson, Cristine Lynne
  • Batien, Teija Ann
  • Beatty, Lauren Elizabeth
  • Bennett, Briah Michelle
  • Borgia, Michael Thomas
  • Bradley, Michael Patrick
  • Butler, Cory Jay
  • Button, Monica Celeste
  • Carr, Scott Jefferson
  • Cloeter, Rebecca Kristen
  • Cohen, Stephanie Raeann
  • Crockett-Edsall, Meagan Cherise
  • Curry, Cody Michael
  • Day, Anna Mary Kathryn
  • Dixon, Katelynsam Rebecca Scully
  • Doane, Luke Ewing
  • Dowdell, Joseph Pickett
  • Ephraim, Alex James
  • Fields, Shelby Leigh
  • Garner, Matthew Patrick
  • Gilarranz, Christine
  • Glenn, Leana Paola
  • Gooch, Chase William
  • Griffin, Katie Lynn
  • Hayes, Holly Kathrine
  • Heavin, Adam Taran
  • Herndon, Mason Allen
  • Hess, Peter Ivan
  • Jackson, Mary Elizabeth
  • Johnson, James Brent
  • Kennedy, Jason Matthew
  • Kraft, Robert William
  • Lacourse, Alyssa Mae
  • Langston, Jordan Lanai
  • Leach, Juanita
  • Lozano, Risa Rae
  • Lutz, Hayley Michelle
  • Manuel, Samantha MaRea’
  • Martinez, Beatrize
  • Mathews, Drew Douglas Threadgill
  • Maxey, William Morgan
  • Mbaraonye, Ogeoma Evans
  • Mendenhall, Savannah Jade
  • Miller, Cheyanne Autumn
  • Miyake, Brennan Alexander
  • Molina, Kayla Griffis
  • Moore, Elizabeth Allen
  • Morris, Stephanie Ashton
  • Nerius, Arden Baylee
  • Okafor, Sonya Osadebawew
  • Pitts, Mariana Ihorivna
  • Sanders, John athon Scott
  • Saralino, Jennifer Marie
  • Smith, Ty Christopher
  • Trice, Kyle Matthew
  • Van Dyck, Anna Kate
  • Warren, Michael Ranch
  • Waters, Emily Kate
  • Welhoff, Hannah Lee
  • Whipple, Joanna Kate
  • Wise-Herring, Marina Tamara

INCLUSION ON THIS LIST DOES NOT INDICATE THAT THE INDIVIDUAL HAS COMPLETED ALL THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION. A letter with the test results and admission status has been mailed to each applicant who took the exam.

The oath administration will be held on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. on the steps of the Judicial Center, 2100 N. Lincoln, in Oklahoma City.

To be admitted in Oklahoma, attendance is required; courtroom attire for applicants is required. If there are circumstances that prevent an applicant from being present, please advise the office of the Board of Bar Examiners. REMINDER: Successful applicants who have met character and fitness approval and have passed the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam are not eligible to practice law UNTIL the Oklahoma Supreme Court enters an Order for admission, AND the applicants take the Oath of Attorney and sign the Roll of Attorneys on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

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