Cooking Through the Snow

February 12, 2021

The lingering and dramatic Oklahoma winter weather at least is giving us more reason to use our soup kettles and slow cookers. Chili, soup and hearty food season continues.

While the internet often is our go-to to look up recipes, there’s nothing like going through a well-worn cookbook.

The 2011 OBA cookbook, “Justice is Served,” features several comfort food recipes to get us through the ice, the snow and the arctic cold.

If you have a copy, flip through it and find something new to try, or maybe a recipe you’ve made before like Carol Manning‘s Spinach-Tortellini Soup, Cheryl Beatty‘s Chicken Spaghetti or Mark Schneidewent‘s Baked Tandoori Chicken.

If you don’t have the OBA cookbook handy, here’s something new from Renee Montgomery, CLE Registrar. She says this is a family favorite, and a jiffy to prepare after a long day.

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