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OBJ Law Practice Tips Articles

Below are articles from the Law Practice Management column of the Oklahoma Bar Journal.


Don’t Become the Victim of a Wire Fraud Scheme

April 2019

When I was in law school, a cashier’s check was deemed to be just as good as cash because it was guaranteed by the bank. While that is still technically and legally true today, the question is whether you are holding a valid cashier’s check.

Two-Factor Authentication is Critical Today

March 2019

Technology tools for lawyers is a regular topic in this Law Practice Tips column.

Eliminating the Terror of Lost Client Files

February 2019

We human beings make mistakes. We forget. We don’t follow through on carefully crafted plans sometimes; but the legal profession is an exacting undertaking, requiring attention to detail, and the legal system is sometimes very unforgiving of errors.

Cloud Computing for Lawyers – 2019

January 2019

“Is it really OK for a lawyer to use the cloud?” is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear from lawyers both today and over the years.

The answer is what has been referred to as every lawyer’s favorite answer to any legal question – “It depends.”

Oklahoma Bar Intellidrafts

December 2018

At the Annual Meeting the Oklahoma Bar Association announced Oklahoma Bar Intellidrafts, an automated document assembly service for OBA members.

Ten Tips From the OBA Opening Your Law Practice Program

November 2018

It’s a challenge to open your own law firm directly out of law school.

Building and Maintaining Your Professional Network

October 2018

Today, businesses often succeed or fail based on their marketing plans and activities. A good product or service may theoretically sell itself, but if no one knows about the business offering or if the only fact someone knows is negative, there’s little chance of success.

The Lawyer’s Tools of the Trade

September 2018

What are a lawyer’s tools of the trade? Many years ago, as a consumer bankruptcy lawyer, I had to research the meaning of “tools of the trade” as applied to lawyers under Oklahoma law.

Technology Competence for the Family Lawyer

August 2018

Some lawyers were concerned when the Model Rules of Professional Conduct were changed to include a comment that competence as a lawyer included an appreciation of “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.”

A Brief Recap of ABA TECHSHOW 2018

May 2018

For those with an interest in legal technology, there is really nothing like ABA TECHSHOW, held each spring in Chicago. Although this year, the weather was anything but spring-like.

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

April 2018

Yes, I know our profession has clients and not customers, but bear with me.

Conference Coming to Tulsa's River Spirit Casino Resort June 21-23 Solo & Small Firm Conference

March 2018

“Serve Your Clients and Protect Their Data” is the theme of the 2018 OBA Solo & Small Firm Conference, June 21-23 at River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa.

Time Saving Microsoft Word Customizations and Tools

February 2018

Often there are easier ways to do our everyday tasks, but we can’t use more efficient techniques if we do not know about them.

The Future of Law

January 2018

There has been a lot written and said about the future of law. It is very interesting to observe how many of those future trend predictions are now coming to fruition. So, despite the danger of possible embarrassment risked with predictions and prognostications, let’s talk about the future of law.

The Year Ahead

December 2017

As we reach the end of 2017, it is a time for looking back at the year’s accomplishments and planning for the year ahead.

A Risky Business: Managing Law Firm Risks

November 2017

Disaster recovery for law firms, cyberattacks, backing up data and protecting digital client security are all things I have discussed in this space during the preceding year. This month I want to cover law firm risk management more generally.

What a Disaster!

October 2017

The year 2017 has been an extraordinary year for hurricanes impacting the U.S. and the Caribbean. It is heartbreaking to see pictures and videos of the destruction and devastation. Recovery will take many years for some of these areas and many families have lost photo albums and prized possessions that cannot be replaced. The number of wildfires in the northwestern part of the U.S. this year has been staggering as well.

Great Solutions and Happy Clients

September 2017

What does a law firm produce? “Legal services” is a completely accurate, fact-based answer. It also doesn’t communicate very much information. In fact, it is somewhat like asking a meteorologist why it is so hot today and getting back the answer “because the temperature is high.” Well, yes, but…

The Changing Practice of Law

August 2017

There are rapidly occurring changes in the practice of law. Some of these are part of general changes happening in society and the business world, others are specific to lawyers. I’m certain the reaction of some lawyers reading about law office technology in this issue of the Oklahoma Bar Journal would be to look back fondly on the day when a good legal assistant, a telephone line and an IBM Selectric typewriter set the standard for law office management and technology.

Cyber-Attacks: Is It Really Not If You Will Be Attacked, But When?

May 2017

In last month’s column “Backing Up, Like Breaking Up, Is Sometimes Hard to Do,” I discussed the challenges of having good backup procedures.

Backing Up, Like Breaking Up, Is Sometimes Hard To Do

April 2017

March 31 marked the observance of World Backup Day. Now, I know you think I probably made that up, but the observance has a website and everything — www.worldbackupday.com. There is even a pledge:

The Future, The Past, Some Fundamentals and Technology Tips Galore

March 2017

The future and the past will be highlighted at the 2017 OBA Solo & Small Firm Conference. The conference, which will be held June 22-24 at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, devotes an entire track on Friday to Oklahoma’s Trial of the Century — the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing trial. This track will focus on the lessons lawyers can learn from the trial of Terry Nichols, focusing on the massive investigation undertaken by the FBI, the evidence as chronicled by Oklahoma’s own historian/lawyer/author Bob Burke, prosecution and defense strategies and comments from recently retired Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Steven Taylor, who was the trial judge on the case.

Proposed Rule on Limited Scope Representation

February 2017

Limited scope representation has been authorized under our Rules of Professional Conduct for some time. The Oklahoma Rules of Profesional Conduct provide for this in Rule 1.2. Scope of Representation and Allocation of Authority Between Client and Lawyer.

Automation in Today's Law Firm

January 2017

One post-Christmas evening at home, we were taking care of several things. I finished loading the dishwasher, but set it to run in the middle of the night so we wouldn’t have to listen to it operate. My wife was using the laptop to schedule bill payments for the month. My Sonos home speaker was on shuffle, playing the large Spotify holiday playlist I had compiled. My phone beeped with a reminder I had set for myself. We had previously had fun playing with the Amazon Echo.