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Zooming in on Zoom (April 16, 2020)

So “everyone” starts using Zoom and then several articles were published about Zoom risks, which is an obvious concern both for lawyers and institutions. Our tip for today is lengthier than typical because I covered many details about Zoom with technology expert Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association, who also just completed her service as ABA TECHSHOW 2020 co-chair.

Catherine has just posted an excellent (and lengthy) post Video Conferencing – You Have Options, which I would encourage everyone to read, after you watch my exclusive video interview with her below. If the negative publicity about Zoom has deterred you from using it, there are alternatives and others believe using Zoom is appropriate for lawyers in most situations as long as they pay attention to security and other settings in Zoom. Catherine includes many links to other’s content in her post.

Now we are seeing posts with the “other side” of the Zoom security story like ZDNET’s Zoom security: Your meetings will be safe and secure if you do these 10 things.

But before you click on any of those tempting links, first enjoy this timely video interview, Zooming in on Zoom with me and my guest, Catherine Sanders Reach.