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Approved Amendments to the Section and Committee Seminar Co-sponsorship Policy

August 29, 2019

On August 23rd, the OBA Board of Governors approved amendments to the section and committee seminar co-sponsorship policy.  The new policy sets forth guidelines for new services being offered by the OBA/CLE Department.  The services are intended to foster greater coordination with sections and committees on continuing legal education programs as well as provide sections and committees the opportunity to utilize staff expertise and quality resources of the CLE Department.

Sections and committees now have the option of requesting assistance to offer their seminars via webcast even when the program is not co-sponsored with CLE Department.  This will also provide an opportunity for sections and committees to benefit from online sales revenue. 

Additionally, for a flat fee, sections and committees may request administrative assistance for non-co-sponsored programs. The CLE Department will handle all logistical needs such as online registration, sign-in sheets and reporting MCLE attendance, room set-up, catering, audio-visual equipment, and speaker and staff lodging arrangements.   

Of course, sections and committees get the most benefit by co-sponsoring seminars with the CLE Department and are strongly encouraged to do so at least once every two years.  Sections and committees are still required to coordinate their individual programs over 90 minutes in length by informing the Director of Educational Programs about planned seminars as well as seek prior accreditation of the seminar from the MCLE Department prior to advertising it for credit.

For all the details, go to www.okbar.org, login to your MYOKBar account and click on MYOKBAR Communities.  The policy will be in each section’s or committee’s library in the Committee or Section “Resources” folder.  Contact Susan Damron, Director of Educational Programs at SusanD@okbar.org or call 405-416-7028 with any questions or to request services.

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