Request Assistance from the Oklahoma Bar Association

Disaster Response Legal Services

The Oklahoma Bar Association has set up a special service to help those affected by the recent tornadoes that impacted central Oklahoma.  Please use the form below to begin the process of requesting legal assistance.
These services are offered as a public service, free of charge, and for the purpose of providing brief legal advice pursuant to Rule 6.5 of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers. These services are provided in response to the damages caused by the recent severe weather and the need for quick advice. They are provided without expectation that the lawyer will provide continuing representation in the matter. In instances where advice is given pursuant to Rule 6.5 the attorney may not be able to fully check for conflicts of interest, and may not be obligated to disclose a conflict of interest unless he or she has knowledge of it at the time. If representation or legal services are provided beyond what is anticipated herein, the attorney and client should enter into a separate, complete agreement. By making a request through this website, you agree that you have been properly informed of the associated risks and alternatives to the short-term, limited legal services to be provided to you, and you are aware that strict compliance with all conflict of interest rules is not required of the lawyer.