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Law Day

Ask A Lawyer TV Show

We are excited about this year’s Ask A Lawyer television show, set to air Thursday, May 1 at 7 p.m. on OETA stations across the state.

The show includes a look at the history of the judiciary in Oklahoma. With the help of retired judges and lawyers including OBA President Renée DeMoss we explore the Supreme Court scandal of the 1960s and how that led to our current system of judicial selection employing the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission.

Water is something we all need and use, and therefore there are many interests at play in the area of water law. In this segment, lawyers are interviewed about the issues and challenges of water management in our state, and explore the need for a long-term plan for allocation and
conservation of this vital resource.

Human trafficking is an international problem that affects all kinds of people, and Oklahoma is not immune. You will hear from a prosecutor and the chair of the OBA Human Trafficking Task Force about the role lawyers are playing in addressing this serious issue.

Disasters, both natural and manmade, are something Oklahoma knows all too well, and the OBA Disaster Response and Relief Committee stands ready to provide legal assistance when necessary. You will hear from a woman whose home was destroyed by Oklahoma tornado and the devastating effect it had on her family. You will hear how a volunteer attorney helped her put the pieces of her life back together.