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Chief Justice Combs Issues Directive

Chief Justice Douglas Combs issued an Oklahoma Supreme Court directive encouraging courthouses across Oklahoma to hold Law Day events. 

Chief Justice Speaks on Importance of the 14th Amendment

Chief Justice Douglas Combs was featured in the Ask A Lawyer TV show. View his segment that explains the 14th Amendment and the three clauses that make the amendment so important.

Law Day Activities for Your Courthouse

Law Day is a wonderful opportunity for public outreach and education. Getting involved is easy. Small events can make a huge impact in the public’s understanding and appreciation for the justice system. Be sure to let your local newspaper know about these events.

Event Ideas

Honor Law Day contest winners from your county: You could have an "Honor Docket" at the district courtroom that honors all of your local winners inviting his/her parents, teachers and guests.

Law Day Open House or Courthouse Tour: Invite K-12 students to tour the courthouse. This can be an evening event!

Host a mock trial! Invite students and/or the public to the courthouse for a mock trial demonstration.

School Field Trips: Invite civics teachers to bring their students to a live trial.

Art or Writing Contest: Host a local Law Day essay or art contest to be displayed at the courthouse.

School Visits: Visit your local schools, and talk to students about what judges and lawyers do.