2017 Law Day Art and Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Law Day Contest winners! We will be recognizing first-place winners at a ceremony in the Oklahoma Supreme Court Ceremonial Courtroom at the state Capitol building in late March. All others winners will have their plaques, prizes and certificates sent to their school for a presentation by the county Law Day chairperson at a school assembly. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Stone. 

Grand Prize Winner: 

Rachel Blitz, Classen School of Advances Studies

Eighth Grade Art

Pre-K Coloring

First Place: Amelia Kwok, Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Logan Rhodes, Graham-Dustin Elementary

Honorable MentionsRylan Adams, Graham-Dustin Elementary; Marlee Prawl, Covenant Community School; Destiny Galloway, Idabel Primary South; Gabriella Yett, Idabel Primary South; Laken Jones, Idabel Primary South; Trystin Hammonds, Idabel Primary South; 

Kindergarten Coloring

First Place: Sophie Buchanan, Virginia Smith Elementary

Second Place: Beau Russell, Prairie View Elementary School

Honorable Mentions: Amerie Bryson, All Saints Catholic School; Kensy Beasley, Temple Elementary School; Inman Massie, East Side Elementary; Tyson Flickenger, Salina Elementary School; Brandon Benton, Seiling Elementary School; Claire Perron, Seiling Elementary School; Keira Griffin, Seiling Elementary School; Alex McDaniel, East Side Elementary

First Grade Writing

First Place: Elizabeth Kwok, Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Wyatt Reding, Covenant Community School

First Grade Art

First Place: Kross Perkins, Hope Christian Academy

Second Place: Kaden Kehler, Hope Christian Academy

Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Kwok,  Nichols Hills Elementary; Emily Rickey, Hope Christian Academy

Second Grade Art

First Place: Paetyn Gilliam, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Ms. Leeta Carter’s 2016-2017 Class, Hope Christian Academy (Asher Caughron, Ashlynn Gaither, Eli Eddington, Jaycie Dunn, Justen Thurman, Lane Barnes, Levi McDermott)

Honorable Mention: Donavan Jennings, Woodrow Wilson Elementary; Lillian Geohagan, Woodrow Wilson Elementary; Violet Morales, Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Third Grade Writing

First Place: Arabella Brooks, West Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Bradey Sims, Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Third Grade Art

First Place: Ms. Teresa Mayberry's 2016-2017 Class, Hope Christian Academy (students names to come)

Second Place: Derek Trotter, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mention: Natalie Bryant, Covenant Community School

Fourth Grade Writing

First Place: James Pierson, Nichols Elementary

Second Place: Cameron Cummings, Nichols Elementary

Honorable Mentions: Gabriela Jaime, Nichols Elementary

Fourth Grade Art

First Place: Trevor Grace, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Makenna Stephenson, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Sam Hagerty, Covenant Community School

Fifth Grade Writing

First Place: Emma Eppler, Nichols Elementary

Second Place: Haydan Davis, Nichols Elementary

Honorable Mention: Korbyn Bowers, Nichols Elementary; Kaydence Harjo, Nichols Elementary

Fifth Grade Art

First Place: Austin Buchanan, Russell Babb Elementary

Second Place: Christian Campbell, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Kennedie Sanders, Covenant Community School

Sixth Grade Art

First Place: Kaylee Rose, Pocola Middle School

Second Place: Lilly Kelley, Pocola Middle School

Honorable Mentions: Heidi Hembree, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Kady Hansen, Covenant Community School; Takoda Blue Duck Slavens, Pocola Middle School

Seventh Grade Writing

First Place: Zane Gailey, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Wyatt Hood, Oklahoma Christian Academy

Seventh Grade Art

First Place: Harley Angel, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Bailee Walters, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Kai Day, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Noah Campbell, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Lucy Ahne, Pocola Middle School; Thomas Buchanan, Harrah Middle School

Eighth Grade Writing

First Place: Lexis Nolen, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Second Place: Daniel Allen, St. John's Episcopal School

Eighth Grade Art

First Place: Wendy Aguilar, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Second Place: Kinley Downing, Middle School of Piedmont

Honorable Mention: Carson Robinson, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Ethan Howard, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Nathan Anderson, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Kourtney Davis, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Ranger Alexander Long, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Ninth Grade Writing

First Place: Katie McQuay, Hope Christian Academy

Second Place: Julia Hua, Norman North High School

Ninth Grade Art

First Place: Katie Williams, Pocola High School

Second Place: Winston Kirby, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mention
: Hollis Horstman, Covenant Community School

10th Grade Writing

First Place: Karina Feng, Norman North High School

Second Place: Gabriel Mendelson, Lawton High School

Honorable Mention: Miracle Chatman, Lawton High School

10th Grade Art

First Place: Helena Singleton, Booker T. Washington High School

Second Place: Haileigh Saulter, Pocola High School

Honorable Mention: Aneesa Saeed, Chisholm High School

11th Grade Writing

First Place: Johnna Scott, Pawnee High School

Second Place: Kylie Romeros, Lawton High School

Honorable Mentions
: Alyssa Vetter, Pawnee High School; Harrison Wyatt, Covenant Community School

11th Grade Art

First Place: Lauren Ball, Chisholm High School

Second Place: Savanna Dockins, Chisholm High School

Honorable Mentions:  Braycee Stute, Chisholm High School; Christian Grammer, Chisholm High School; Ryen Tusk, Chisholm High School

12th Grade Writing

First Place: Tyson Smith, Pawnee High School

Second Place: Hanna Zapada, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Honorable Mention: Cree Roughface, Pawnee High School; Mariah VanJura, Covenant Community School; Rebekah Peek, Covenant Community School; Darian Doctor, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Devan Bryce Choate, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Lorena Luey, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Payton Sharbutt, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Sonnie Palmatary, Pawnee High School; Jario Campos, Parkview Adventist Academy; Nia Tameifuna, Parkview Adventist Academy

12th Grade Art

First Place: Abigail Alfred, Pauls Valley High School

Second Place: Ryan Richter, Chisholm High School

Honorable Mentions: Bailey Brown, Chisholm High School; Dylan Reneau, Chisholm High School; Kaitlyn Kirkegard, Chisholm High School; Lawson Broadbent, Chisholm High School; Kristin Phelps, Tonkawa Mid-High School

Honorable Mentions: