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2014 Law Day Art and Writing Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: 

Natalie Evans, Edmond Memorial High School 

12th Grade Writing - "The Rule of Law"

Pre-K Coloring

First Place: Jennifer Diotte, Monroe Elementary
Second Place: Christopher Armenta, Idabel Primary South

Honorable Mention: Jude, Rosary School

T-1 Coloring

First Place: Isaac Denny, Stillwell Elementary School
Second Place: Lily Ritter, Stillwell Elementary School

Kindergarten Coloring

First Place: Cambri Castleman, Denison Elementary 
Second Place: Carissa Prock, Vian Elementary

Honorable Mention: Sarah Holmes, Graham-Dustin Elementary • Jaselyn Chastain, Maryetta • Siena Graham, Augustine's Christian Academy • Izabella Benton, Seiling Elementary School • Grace Martin, All Saints Catholic School • Ella Hulett, Seiling Elementary School • TJ Morean, Covenant Community School • Mackynze Dunkin, Pioneer-Pleasant Vale

First Grade Art

First Place: Ben Ott, Covenant Community School
Second Place: Lucas Stanley, Maryetta

Honorable Mention: Taylor Knight, Covenant Community School

Second Grade Writing

First Place: Callen Villagrana, Horace Mann Elementary
Second Place: Kate Morrison, Frontier Elementary School

Second Grade Art

First Place Sadi Blalock, Horace Mann Elementary
Second Place: Austin Buchanan, Clara Reynolds Elementary

Honorable Mention: Emersen Villagrana, Horace Mann Elementary

Third Grade Writing

First Place: Morris Chi, Frontier Elementary
Second Place: Zack Duck, Frontier Elementary School

Third Grade Art

First Place: Griffin Kidd
Second Place: Evan Ott, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mention: Garhett Reese, Covenant Community School

Fourth Grade Writing

First Place; Trinity Kuehl, Covenant Community School
Second Place: Not Awarded

Fourth Grade Art

First Place: Daryn Reese, Covenant Community School
Second Place: Janessa Chastain, Maryetta

Honorable Mention: Bailee Walters, Covenant Community School

Fifth Grade Writing

First Place: Lexi Robinson, Frontier Elementary School
Second Place: Taylor Dowell, Canton Elementary

Honorable Mention: Iain Guilbault, Frontier Elementary School

Fifth Grade Art

First Place: Chloe Cooper, Maryetta
Second Place: Kinley Downing, Piedmont Intermediate School

Honorable Mention: Cody Conrady, Canton Elementary • Beau Fuqua, Canton Elementary • Emma White, Piedmont Intermediate • Ashley Pasion, Piedmont Intermediate • Brittyn Audrey Reininger • Piedmont Intermediate

Sixth Grade Writing

First Place: Jacob Jungheim, Duncan Middle School
Second Place: Addison Moody, Longfellow Middle School

Sixth Grade Art

First Place: Emma Watkins, Oklahoma Bible Academy
Second Place: Abigail Miles, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Honorable Mention: Bekah Gungoll, Oklahoma Bible Academy • Katie Stephenson, Oklahoma Bible Academy • Annie Suenram, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton • Garrett Thornton, Duncan Middle School

Seventh Grade Writing

First Place: Haley Callegan, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Second Place: Cailin Harrington, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Honorable Mention: Hanna Newby, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Seventh Grade Art

First Place: Emily Moore, Oklahoma Bible Academy
Second Place: Emily Koehn, Oklahoma Bible Academy

Honorable Mention: Faith Ketcher, Maryetta • Alison Collums, Oklahoma Bible Academy

Eighth Grade Writing

First Place: Harrison Wyatt, Covenant Community School
Second Place: Caleb McQuay, Hope Christian Academy

Eighth Grade Art

First Place: Elah Acuitas, Oklahoma Bible Academy
Second Place: Madison Stanford, Rongey Middle School

Honorable Mention: Anayeli Munoz, Duncan Middle School • Sterling Nigh, Oklahoma Bible Academy • Emiliano Romero, Rongey Middle School

Ninth Grade Writing

First Place: Alex Roberts, Covenant Community School
Second Place: Not awarded

Ninth Grade Art

First Place: Elise Hamann, Oklahoma Bible Academy
Second Place: Chase Olson, Oklahoma Bible Academy

Honorable Mention: Sidni Blalock, Duncan High School • Abby Kate Johnson, Kiefer High School

10th Grade Writing

First Place: Jaidan Alley, Pawnee High School
Second Place: Tristan Zirkle, Lawton High School

10th Grade Art

First Place: Payton Strubhar, Piedmont High School
Second Place: Allie Dooley & Kenya Patthier, Claremore High School

Honorable Mention: Bryce Lujan, Kiefer High School

11th Grade Writing

First Place: Harley Roché, Pawnee High School
Second Place: Kristian Cardenas, Lawton High School

Honorable Mention: Sam Stingley, Pawnee High School • Andrew Noland, Claremore High School • Zane King, Claremore High School

11th Grade Art

First Place: Finnian Bender, Edmond Memorial High School
Second Place: Bryanna Hayes, Claremore High School

Honorable Mention: Joslyn Austin, Oklahoma Bible Academy

12th Grade Writing

First Place: Robert Landon Hester, Edmond Memorial High School
Second Place: Tyler Robison, Edmond Memorial High School

Honorable Mention: Lauren Hill, Edmond Memorial High School • Gregory Melsby, Edmond Memorial High School

12th Grade Art

First Place: Phyllis Thompson, Claremore High School
Second Place: Kendall Williams, Claremore High School

Honorable Mention: Kaitlyn Rodwell, Claremore High School