Finding a lawyer

Legal Services

Finding a Lawyer

A free online directory of Oklahoma lawyers who are in private practice and available to take new clients. You can search by city and/or county – plus by practice area to better identify an attorney with expertise in the area you need help with.

Low Cost or No Cost Legal Assistance

To take advantage of low cost or no cost assistance, you will need to meet certain income or other qualifications before service can be provided.

Statewide Projects

Oklahoma Free Legal Answers

Submit your legal questions and a volunteer Oklahoma lawyer will respond at no cost. Sponsored by the Oklahoma Bar Association, American Bar Association and Oklahoma Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission.

AIDS Legal Resource Project

2901 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 112
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 524-4611
Confidential Toll free hotline (866) 817-8151
Serves all 77 counties.

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. - Find answers to legal questions. Find lawyers and legal offices that provide free or low-cost legal help for low-income Oklahomans. - Information about the Legal Aid program.

Oklahoma Free Legal Answers
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Bar Association, American Bar Association and Oklahoma Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission.
Go to the website and email your legal questions. A Volunteer lawyer will respond within 48 hours - at no cost.

Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc.
4200 N. Perimeter Center Drive, Suite 222
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 943-6457 or (800) 658-1497
Serves Native American issues in all 77 Oklahoma counties.

Other Resources

American Civil Liberties Union
3000 Paseo, Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 524-8511
Deals with cases involving discrimination, equal protection, or denial of civil rights generally due to action or inaction on the part of a government entity.

Immigration Legal Services (Catholic Charities)
(405) 532-3001 or (800)375-8514
Attorneys available for education on legal issues involving immigration, citizenship, family petitions, and more. 

Neighbor For Neighbor Legal Clinic
1506 E. 46th Street North
Tulsa, OK 74126
(918) 425-5595
Provides legal services in uncontested civil areas, regardless of age, county of residence or income level.

OCU American Indian Wills Clinic
2501 N. Blackwelder
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 208-5337
OCU Law students and professors provide legal aid free of charge in American Indian estate planning.

OCU School of Law Pro Bono Eviction Assistance Program
(405) 208-5337
Provides free legal assistance to Oklahoma County residents facing eviction

Oklahoma Attorney General
313 N.E. 21st St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-3921
Represents state agencies and employees throughout multiple units in the State of Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma County Law Library
(405) 713-1353
Legal resources available to the general public. 

Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit
Oklahoma City Office
4545 N. Lincoln, Suite 104
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-3653
In-state Consumer Hotline (800) 448-4904

Tulsa Office
440 S. Houston, Suite 320
Tulsa, OK 74127
(918) 581-2771
Governed by the Commission on Consumer Credit, this office provides information to consumers about licensing and regulation within the State of Oklahoma.

Office of Disability Concerns
2401 NW 23rd, Suite 90 (in Shepherd Mall)
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 521-3756 or (800) 522-8224
(405) 522-6706 TDD
State agency providing information and resources to Oklahomans with disabilities.

Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc.
Oklahoma City Office
2915 Classen Blvd., Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 525-7755 V/TDD
(800) 880-7755 V/TDD

Tulsa Office
440 S. Houston, Room 302
Tulsa, OK 74127
(918) 581-2733
(888) 456-2006
Advocate for the rights and opportunities available to Oklahomans with disabilities.

Oklahoma Human Rights Commission
Oklahoma City Office
2101 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 480
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-2360
(888) 456-2558

Tulsa Office
440 S. Houston, Room 302
Tulsa, OK 74127
(918) 581-2733
(888) 456-2006
A division of the Attorney General’s office working to enforce the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act, Okla Stat. tit. 25, §§ 1101-1706.

Senior Resource Center 
(405) 582-0858
Provides aid for people 60 years of age and older. 

Trinity Legal Services 
(405) 410-4544
Offers lower cost legal help to those in financial difficulty across the Oklahoma City metro area.

University of Tulsa Law Clinic
407 S. Florence Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104
(918) 631-5799
Tulsa Law students and professors provide legal services to underserved segments of the community.