Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

A Partnership in Civic Education: iCivics in Oklahoma

Polls show the average citizen lacks basic knowledge regarding the three branches of government, democracy, and the US Constitution. This trend is a major concern to Justice O’Connor and civic leaders across the state and nation.

The Oklahoma Bar Association and Oklahoma City University have created a Partnership for Civic Education to introduce iCivics to Oklahoma educators and students. Used in conjunction with lessons brought to the classroom through the OBA Lawyer in the Classroom program, the OBA and OCU hope to ignite a passion for civic education and citizen involvement and renewed respect for the importance of an independent judicial system. A stronger, more dedicated Partnership has never been formed. The opportunities are endless. The benefits to Oklahoma students are undeniable.

This event highlights the importance of civic literacy in school children of Oklahoma. Students should understand their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. In 2006, Justice O’Connor founded the iCivics program to promote civic learning. The iCivics website contains free lesson plans, games, and interactive modules that engage the student both inside and outside the classroom.

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