Hatton W. Sumners Summer Institute for Teachers: The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation was established to inform and educate citizens regarding the functions of the government.  In keeping with this objective, the LRE Department offers annual civic education institutes providing training and materials to educators.

American Voter:  A project of the American Bar Association supported by the Young Lawyers Division. The program educates youth on the sacrifices made to secure the vote for the current generation of voters. This project encourages and inspires young people to become involved in the democratic process. Become involved today by registering to vote

CourtFacts: Learn the importance of a fair and balanced judiciary. Know your role as a voter in achieving this goal. Find the information necessary to make an informed decision when you cast your vote.

Citizens not Spectators:  This program created by the Center for Civic Education in partnership with theArsalyn Program of Ludwick Family Foundation begins voter education at the 4th grade level.  The program teaches young people how to become informed, engaged voters.  Lesson plans plus resources for teachers and students have been developed for this program.

Lawyers in the Classroom: Program provides attorneys to Oklahoma schools as guest presenters on law-related topics.

PROS (Peaceful Resolution for Oklahoma Students): This school-based peer mediation program encourages young people to resolve conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.

Representative Democracy in America: Program founded by the Alliance for Representative Democracy. Resources developed to teach students the meaning of democracy, how representative democracy works, and how they can become involved.

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution: Civic education curriculum focusing on the foundations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, their development over time, and the role of citizens. Culminating activity is a simulated congressional hearing.

We the People: Project Citizen: Portfolio-based civic education curriculum designed to involve students in public policymaking.

Other programs