Friday, September 15, 2017

Fifth graders are urged to learn and perform the Bill of Rights Rap. Sign up with the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and be recognized as a participating school.



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3 Branches of Government – A “Mice” Way to Learn About Government




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Constitution Day Teacher Resources

Celebrate Freedom Week - November 5 – 11, 2017

Constitution Day and Freedom Week Resources:

iCivics Constitution Day Lesson Plan

Lawyers in the Classroom: Schedule a lawyer to present a lesson on the U.S. Constitution or assist with a Freedom Week Activity.

U.S. Pocket Constitutions: Request copies of the U.S. Constitution for your classroom or school.

Foundations of Democracy Lesson Plans: Lesson plans on the topics of Responsibility and Justice geared for PK-5th grade students. These civics education lesson plans incorporate writing skills.


NEW! Spot’s Citizenship Relay Game: Follow Spot the Dog through the questions that must be answered to obtain U.S. Citizenship. The questions start out easy, but become more difficult as you progress.


Annenberg Classroom: Site contains Constitution Day resources and information on the judicial system. Videos and games enrich the learning process.

Recommended videos:

  • Role of the Courts
  • Thurgood

Constitutional Rights Foundation: Great resource for Constitution Day lesson plans.

Oklahoma State Department of Education: References the U.S. and Oklahoma Bills that began each commemorative event, helpful resource materials, and links.

Constitution Facts.com: Fun facts and quizzes regarding the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers and Supreme Court.

H.i.p. Pocket Change: Features Constitution Quiz and Branches of Power Game.

Interactive Constitution: Quick and easy search for U.S. Constitution topics and historical Supreme Court Decisions.

Celebrate the Constitution: Scholastic resource with interviews, activities, and lesson plans.

The Atlantic - Citizenship Quiz