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Proposed Oklahoma District Court Rule Modification

Member Comments Requested

The following is a modification to the Rules for District Courts of Oklahoma as proposed by the OBA Access to Justice Committee. This proposed addition is currently under consideration by the OBA Board of Governors. The proposed new rule provides disclosures that should be used when providing limited scope representation in accordance with existing Rule 1.2 (c) of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct.

Members of the OBA are encouraged to review the proposed addition and submit any comments by March 28, 2017, 1) via email to or 2) mail hard copy comments to LSR Comments, OBA, P.O. Box 53036, Oklahoma City, OK 73152.

OBA Access to Justice Committee Proposed New Court Rule on Limited Scope Representation

The OBA Access to Justice Committee unanimously recommended that the following new district court rule be approved by the OBA Board of Governors and forwarded to the Oklahoma Supreme Court with a recommendation for adoption.

Rule 33. Limited Scope Representation

A lawyer providing limited scope representation under Rule 1.2 (c) of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct may draft pleadings for a pro se litigant to file with or present to a district court without the lawyer entering an appearance in the matter. A lawyer shall disclose such assistance by indicating their name, address, bar number, telephone number, other contact information and, optionally, a signature on said pleading with the phrase “No appearance is entered as counsel of record.”