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Law Day 2016: The Final Results

Law Day celebrates the idea that everyone is entitled to justice, which is one of the fundamental notions of what America is all about. It is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the work lawyers do in our communities. Whether from zealous advocacy for clients, to giving time to service organizations and pro bono representation, what lawyers do makes a difference.

The tradition of Law Day has a long history of more than 60 years and began here in Oklahoma. Wewoka attorney and OBA Past President Hicks Epton created the idea for Law Day in the late 1950s and it has evolved into a national celebration.

This year Oklahomans observed Law Day with activities and events taking place over several weeks and in 44 different counties. Oklahoma lawyers donated $72,450 in legal services giving free advice, and the Law Day message reached more than 4.3 million Oklahomans.


The Law Day annual art and writing contests for students in Pre-K through 12th grade was a success with nearly 700 entries centered on this year’s theme, “Judges, Juries and Justice: The Constitution and the Rights of the Accused.” Contest winners from 15 different schools across Oklahoma were honored March 31 during a ceremony in the Supreme Court Ceremonial Court Room at the state Capitol hosted by Chief Justice John Reif. More than $2,800 in prize money was distributed to first- and second-place winners and all other students who entered received a certificate of participation.


The Ask A Lawyer TV show aired for the first time April 28 on OETA. It featured segments on female incarceration and alternative programs, the importance of jury trials and jury service and marriage equality and today’s new families. OBA member Dick Pryor hosted and moderated the show, which also aired an additional three times and was viewed by approximately 60,000 people. If you missed it, the show is available online.  


This year marked the 38th year OBA members offered free legal advice to the public. Two hundred and seventy-two attorneys answered 1,421 phone calls and 300 emails, in both English and Spanish, across 32 different counties on April 28. Volunteers donated 483 hours in time and $72,450 in billable hours. This annual event is a unique opportunity to provide a valuable community service while promoting a positive public image of attorneys and the OBA.

As we wrap up Law Day 2016, the OBA Law Day Committee would like to once again say thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time to make this year’s event a success! Without you the tradition and celebration of Law Day would not be possible.