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Town Hall Discussion to Increase Public Understanding of Courts

First meeting: Thursday, Feb. 27 - Canadian County Courthouse, El Reno
5 p.m. - Public invited

Try this experiment: Ask your friends or neighbors to name all three Kardashian sisters. Now ask them to name three Supreme Court justices. If they are like many Americans, they’ll easily rattle off “Kim, Khloe and Kourtney,” but be utterly baffled about those men and women who protect their constitutional rights and our American way of life by making fair and impartial decisions in any number of court cases.

That’s why the OBA is launching a major public education initiative aimed at directly engaging Oklahomans to promote understanding of the third branch of government. Also to be addressed is the topic of how we choose judges in Oklahoma, and how judicial selection affects every citizen of our state. The first of several OBA- and county bar-sponsored town hall meetings will take place Thursday, Feb. 27 at the Canadian County Courthouse in El Reno.

The event begins at 3 p.m. with up to two hours of CLE focused on practice management as well as judicial selection issues. At 5 p.m. lawyers are invited to stay as the informal public discussion and reception begin. The event will be attended by bar and civic leaders as well as members of the judiciary. Guests are encouraged. Non-lawyers are encouraged to RSVP to