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iCivics in Lawton

iCivicsSaturday, April 6, 2013, twenty-seven Lawton educators met at the Lawton High School Media Center to learn how to navigate the iCivics webpages.

iCivics was founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to  provide a contemporary and entertaining method to teach civics. Students learn through interactive modules and video games. The site gives teachers the capability of tracking student progress as the student completes various games. iCivics has proven to extend student learning  beyond the classroom.

In 2009 Lawton Public Schools received almost a million dollars in funding through the Teaching American History Federal Grant. The grant serves to improve student comprehension of American History. To meet this objective Lawton schools developed the American History ROCKS (Relevance of Content Knowledge for Students) program. Lawton Public Schools Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Social Studies, Dr. Anita Hernandez, realized that iCivics resources would enhance the District’s American History initiative. Dr. Hernandez invited LRE Coordinator, Jane McConnell to conduct an iCivics training session for Lawton teachers.

McConnell gave educators an introduction to the iCivics website. The website hosts a library of lesson plans applicable to a wide range of academic levels. During the five hour training participants focused on the lesson plans, Citizen Me, Constitution Day, and Why Do We Have a House and Senate Anyway?

The OBA Law-related Education Department was pleased to have the opportunity to present iCivics to Lawton Public School District teachers.