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Tulsa Lawyer Wins National Peeps in the Law Contest

Tulsa Lawyer Paula Quillin Wins ABA AwardPaula J. Quillin’s legal- themed diorama entitled, “Oh the Peepanity!” earned grand prize honors in the ABA Journal Fifth Annual Peeps in the Law Contest. You know what Peeps are, right?  Those brightly colored marshmellow candies shaped into chicks, bunnies and other animals sold during the holidays. The victory was a landslide with 3,962 votes (58.34 percent of total votes). Second place earned a distance 33 percent of all votes.

Ms. Quillin describes the story behind the entry:
“The Hindenburg disaster sparked the immortal phrase, “Oh, the Peepanity!” and ignited a copyright battle among three writers regarding the mystery surrounding the 1937 conflagration. In that case, A.A. Hoehling v. Universal City Studios Inc. and Michael MacDonald Mooney, 618 F.2d 972 (2nd Cir. 1980), the Court held:

The protection afforded the copyright [peeper] has never extended to history, be it documented fact or expanded hypothesis.  The rationale for this doctrine is that the cause of knowledge is best served when history is a common property of all, and each generation remains free to draw upon the discoveries and insights of the past.

Accordingly, we submit a peep into history.”

Ms. Quillin, a partner with Franden Woodard Farris Quillin + Goodnight in Tulsa, came up with the concept for the diorama and still has glue on her hands from putting together the Hindenburg model. Helping her were her assistant Kim Stratton and the firm’s research specialist Barbara Rush, who won the Peeps contest last year.

When asked how long it took to make the entry, Ms. Quillin calculated that “one whole day of billable time was lost in its creation, but it was a lot of fun.” The grand prize package is a case of Peeps marshmallow bunnies, Peeps embroidered hat, Peeps cappuccino mug, Peeps mouse pad, Peeps magnetic memo pad and a $40 electronic gift card from Peeps and Co.

Add a little humor to your day and view all the fun entries on the ABA Bar Journal website.

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