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OBA Members Raise Funds for OETA

Kicking off our “Year of Stuartship,” OBA members manned the phone banks at OETA Festival on Tuesday to take donations for public television.  Members called in and donated nearly $5,000, which was presented to OETA as a check by President Jim Stuart at the end of the evening. More donations are still pouring in.

That amount keeps the OBA at the “Underwriting Producers” donor level. Many thanks to all members who called in and donated on behalf of the OBA, and to the 21 OBA members – some brand new and some long-time veterans - who volunteered their time to answer all those calls!

Melinda Alizadeh-Fard
John Claro
Jerrod Geiger
Samuel Glover
Greg James
Mark Koss
Wilson McGarry
Mike Mims
Dwayne Morris
Ernest Nalagan
Ed Oliver
Robert Powell
Jennifer Prilliman
Charles Rouse
Linda Ruschenberg
Michael Shanbour
Ricki Sonders
James T. Stuart
Ian Tennery
Mary Travis
Margaret Travis