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2013 Celebrations Gearing Up!
Thursday, May 2, is ‘Ask A Lawyer’ day

Law DayLaw Day 2013 is underway! The annual Ask A Lawyer TV show is in production, the art contests have been judged, and county bar associations should begin planning events now.

Why is Law Day such a big event? This national celebration began right here in Oklahoma in the 1950s. This day is set aside every year to celebrate the freedoms, rights and responsibilities we enjoy because our unique legal system. In addition to the opportunity for educational outreach, Law Day gives Oklahoma lawyers the chance to participate in a large-scale community service event designed to enhance the image of the legal profession while providing assistance to those who need help with legal questions. Participation in Law Day activities is a win/win!

So, mark your calendars now! Thursday, May 2 is the day Law Day will be observed in Oklahoma this year. The TV show will air on OETA stations across the state from 7 – 8 p.m. Counties hosting Ask A Lawyer call-in events are asked to be available to take calls during this hour for maximum publicity of this community service event.

Thanks to those counties that have already submitted the name of their Law Day chairperson:

Bryan: Jimmy Speed; 918-924-5291

Carter: Brad Wilson; 580-223-4384

Cherokee: Marena Doolittle; 918-456-6173

Cimarron: Judge Ronald Kincannon; 580-544-2471

Cleveland: Sandee Coogan, 405-329-8600; Alissa Hutter, 405-579-3939; Bethany Stanley, 405-701-1882; Peggy Stockwell, 405-321-9414; and Rebekah Taylor, 405-579-3739; co-chairs

Comanche: Rob Rochelle; 580-248-1822

Custer: Judge Jill Weedon, 580-323-3456; and Judge Donna Dirickson, 580-323-3456; co-chairs

Dewey: Judge Rick Bozarth; 580-328-5521

Garfield: Kaleb Hennigh; 580-234-4334

Grant: Judge Jack Hammontree; 580-395-2258

Greer: Tabitha Mills; 580-482-7134

Hughes: Judge Timothy Olsen; 405-257-3386

Kay: William Oldfield; 580-762-1655

Mayes: Emily Crain; 918-825-4558

McCurtain: Kevin Sain; 580-208-2880

McIntosh: Brendon Bridges; 918-689-2528

Muskogee: Robert Duncan III; 918-360-2808

Oklahoma: Lauren Barghols Hanna, chair, 405-340-5039; Curtis Thomas, vice chair

Ottawa: John Weedn, 918-542-3306, and Jennifer Ellis, 918-542-5547; co-chairs

Payne: Brandon Meyer; 405-385-5146

Pontotoc: Christine Pappas; 580-559-5640

Roger Mills: Pat Versteeg; 580-497-3359

Seminole: Judge Timothy Olsen, 405-257-3386; and Jack Cadenhead, 405-382-6341; co-chairs

Texas: Vonda Wilkins; 580-338-8120

Tulsa: Kimberly Moore-Waite; 918-295-9433

Wagoner: Richard Loy Gray Jr.; 918-485-2889

Washita: Skye Shepard-Wood; 580-832-3848

Is your county missing from this list? Please submit the name of your Law Day chairperson as soon as possible to OBA Law Day coordinator Lori Rasmussen, 405-416-7017.