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Hatton W. Sumners Teacher Institute

Hatton Sumners 2013June 10-14, teachers met at the Reed Center in Midwest City for the sixth annual Hatton W. Sumners Institute: The Third Branch.

Monday and Tuesday’s sessions were conducted by Dr. John J. Patrick, Professor Emeritus of Education at Indiana University and Sandy Baker, national trainer for the Center for Civic Education. Dr. Patrick, author of more than120 publications, spoke on the Supreme Court and federal judiciary. Participants received copies Dr. Patrick’s books The Pursuit of Justice (co-author) and The Supreme Court of the United States. Baker provided lesson plans and classroom applications.

On Wednesday, the group traveled to the Oklahoma Judicial Center. Vice Chief Justice Reif, spoke about the structure of the Oklahoma Courts. Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Arlene Johnson gave a history of the CCA. OBA Executive Director, John Morris Williams concluded the morning discussing civic responsibility and equal protection. The afternoon was spent at OCU’s Intergenerational Computer Lab touring the iCivics website.

Hatton Sumners 2013Thursday, Gennie Westbrook and Dr. Raymon Huston, presented the Bill of Rights Institute Program, Supreme Court DBQs: Exploring the Cases that Changed History. On the final day, Suzanne Heggy, staff attorney for the Court of Criminal Appeals, spoke on the Young Adult Guide: You’re 18 Now...It’s Your Responsibility. OEA Associate General Counsel, Heath Merchen provided tips on prudent use of social media and email. Beck Walderbach, media specialist at Charles Haskell Elementary in Edmond, gave an awareness session on Representative Democracy in America classroom resources. Phil Johnson, peer mediation specialist with the Administrative Office of the Courts, talked about the Peaceful Resolutions for Oklahoma Students(PROS) program and the advantages of school peer mediation programs.

The OBA – LRE Department is proud to offer top quality training to Oklahoma educators, made possible through the Hatton W.Sumners Foundation. Educators interested in civics education professional development opportunities and resources, should contact the LRE Office at 405-416-7023.