Out-of-State Attorneys


The registration requirements for attorneys from other jurisdictions can be found in the Rules Creating and Controlling the Oklahoma Bar Association, 5 O.S. Ch.1, App. 1, Art.II. was amended April 25, 2005 and applies to out-of-state counsel seeking admission to practice in Oklahoma in a specific matter. An out-of-state attorney may appear in an action or proceeding only upon:

  1. Registering with the Oklahoma Bar Association; and,
  2. The approval of the court, arbitrator, mediator, or administrative or governmental hearing officer where the action or proceeding is pending.

Procedure for Registration of Out-of-State Attorney

  1. Submit to the Oklahoma Bar Association - Out-of-State Attorney
    • Original and one (1) copy of a completed and signed application;
    • Current certificate(s) of good standing (issued within thirty (30) days) from the state bar or from the clerk of the Supreme Court or highest admitting court in which the applicant is licensed to practice law;
    • Non-refundable application fee of $350.00 payable to the Oklahoma Bar Association.
  2. Review by the Oklahoma Bar Association
    • Issue Certificate of Compliance indicating applicant has complied with the registration requirements;
    • Copies of application and certificate(s) of good standing returned to applicant;
    • Form Motion to Association Counsel provided to applicant;
    • Form Order granting or denying motion provided to applicant.
  3. Motion to Associate - Oklahoma Local Counsel
    The Oklahoma lawyer associated with the applicant shall file the motion to associate with the court, arbitrator, mediator, or administrative or governmental hearing officer where the proceeding is pending. The motion shall include as exhibits:
    • Copy of signed application;
    • Copy of certificate(s)of good standing;
    • Certificate of Compliance issued by the Oklahoma Bar Association;
    • The Motion to Associate shall be accompanied by a proposed order granting or denying the motion.
  4. Order Admitting to Practice
    • The Out of State Attorney shall serve a copy of any order granting or denying the Motion to Associate on the Oklahoma Bar Association.
    • Oklahoma counsel shall appear as attorney of record in the particular cause.
  5. Renewal of Application
    • If the proceeding is pending on the anniversary date of the verified application, an annual renewal fee of $350.00 shall be paid to the Oklahoma Bar Association and such fee shall continue to be paid on each anniversary date until the proceeding is concluded or the Out-of-State Attorney is permitted to withdraw from the proceeding by the applicable Oklahoma court or tribunal.
  6. Failure to Renew
    • Failure to renew may result in the imposition of a $100.00 late fee and removal as counsel of record in the matter until all fees are paid.
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