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President's Message

Annual Meeting Offers Many Benefits for All Lawyers

By Linda S. Thomas

I love being a lawyer – most days. But I must admit there are moments I dream of winning the lottery and sailing off into the sunset without another thought about client files, custody disputes, billable hours or difficult opposing counsel. Surely, I’m not the only lawyer with such daydreams. 

As it turns out, I am not the only lawyer who has experienced varying levels of job satisfaction. I recently stumbled upon an article on The American Lawyer website discussing job satisfaction among lawyers. As stated by the article’s author, Bruce Lithgow, job satisfaction is derived from a variety of factors, including relationships with colleagues, work environment and culture, resources and support, compensation, growth opportunities, firm reputation and the work you do on a daily basis. Significant events in my own personal life, such as the birth of my grandchildren and the death of my father, have also impacted the level of satisfaction with my professional life throughout the years. 

As significant as anything else (if not more significant), is the huge impact my involvement in the Oklahoma Bar Association has had on my personal job satisfaction. Through the OBA, I have made wonderful lifelong friends, received continuing legal education and training in a broad range of practice areas and participated in a variety of projects serving the community and my fellow lawyers. I have also been fortunate to be mentored by so many great lawyers throughout Oklahoma, and now have the opportunity to mentor the generation of great lawyers who will carry on the work of the profession and the OBA. One annual event that provides most, if not all, of these benefits is the OBA Annual Meeting. 

The theme of the 2017 OBA Annual Meeting to be held Nov. 1 - 3 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Tulsa is “Love Your Law Practice.” Whether you are a new admittee, right in the thick of your career, a self-professed “bar junkie” or enjoying the golden years of retirement, there is something for you. 

· Join me at the President’s Reception on Wednesday, Nov. 1, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Judicial Nominating Commission and honor past and present JNC members. 

· Learn how to be a lean, mean effectiveness machine from attorney coach and author Nora Riva Bergman who will share “For the Love of Productivity: 40 Tips in 40 Minutes” at the Annual Luncheon on Thursday. Nora’s fun presentation of “been there, done that” tips will make a positive change on how you manage your practice and maybe even your personal life. 

· Get inspired by recipients of the 2017 OBA Awards.

· Show your love and appreciation Thursday evening to outgoing OBA section and committee chairs and congratulate OBA members celebrating 70-, 60- and 50-year anniversaries at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. Come dressed in 1920s attire – or not; either way it will be a great event in a great venue.

More details about these exciting and informative events can be found in this issue. I invite you to come and celebrate loving your law practice with me!

Originally published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal -- OBJ 88 pg. 1692 (Sept. 9, 2017)