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President's Message

December 13, 2014
An OBA Holiday Letter
Love them or hate them, we’re all familiar with the newsy letters many people love to send around the holidays. In fact, they are so prevalent that you can even find editing suggestions online. “Keep it short, keep it readable, don’t brag” are just a few, along with “always mention births, deaths, marriages and moves.”
April 12, 2014
Law School Education in a Changing Legal Environment
Congratulations are in order for our three state law schools. All are making great strides in improving the quality of legal education in Oklahoma and in responding to unprecedented challenges in a changing legal world.
 March 15, 2014
Masters of the Oklahoma Bar Association
President DeMoss explains a proposed Master Lawyers Section designed to explore and develop programs that will enhance and improve the working and retirement lives of senior lawyers, maximize services to their clients and others, and provide a forum for addressing any particular issues that arise

February 15, 2014
Protecting Oklahoma from Judicial Regression
President DeMoss discusses proposed bills coming out of the Oklahoma Legislature concerning Oklahoma’s judiciary and the courts. Although it is not certain at this point which measures, if any, will survive the legislative process, various bills have been introduced that would essentially eliminate the independence of the third branch of government — the one branch designed to be free from politics.

 January 18, 2014
An Educated Response to the Changing Face of the Law
A strategic plan put in place by diligent and dedicated past OBA leaders provides a road map for the OBA’s future, with seven specific goals that provide a solid basis for responding to changes headed our way. Critically, education is the fundamental premise of each goal. 
January 13, 2014
President DeMoss's Remarks
President DeMoss was sworn in as OBA President on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 at the Oklahoma Supreme Court's Ceremonial Courtroom.  Her speech included her family background and her goals for the OBA in 2014.