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President's Message

April 18, 2015
'Do Better' Work Remains to Embrace Law Day Principles
In 1958 President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed the first day of May as Law Day, U.S.A. Three years later, May 1 was designated Law Day, U.S.A. with the enactment of 36 U.S.C. §113, declaring it “a special day of celebration by the people of the United States in appreciation of their liberties and the reaffirmation of their loyalty to the United States and of their rededication to the ideals of equality and justice under law in their relations with each other and with other countries; and for the cultivation of the respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life.” 

March 14, 2015
Attorney-Legislators Deserve Thanks
Last month the Oklahoma Legislature reconvened as it does each February. A total of 149 elected representatives and senators took their respective seats in their respective chambers after filing more than 2,000 pieces of legislation to consider before they adjourn at the end of May — not to mention tackling the state’s near $7 billion budget while dealing with the impact of declining tax revenues resulting from falling oil prices. 

February 14, 2015
‘Great Charter’ Exhibit to Visit Capitol
As 2015 unfolds in the coming months, we all will be called upon to remember and reflect upon the importance of the rule of law as we collectively acknowledge three important anniversaries. Two of these events are uniquely significant to us as Oklahomans — the Oklahoma City bombing 20 years ago and the Supreme Court bribery scandal 50 years ago. 
January 17, 2015
Looking Ahead to 2015
I have worn many hats in my professional career — federal prosecutor, lawyer, judge, law school assistant dean, professor — but I am most proud of the one I wear now as president of the Oklahoma Bar Association. It is an honor to join the men and women who have served the members of our association over the past 110 years with such distinction.