Attendance Report Templates

Below are the attendance reporting templates to be used by the sponsor of an Oklahoma Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education approved seminar. Attendance reports must be submitted to our office within 30 days of the program or by January 10 of the following year, whichever comes first.

Please select a template to download and complete. Because this document is designed to be read by the computer, please make certain that only the information requested is placed in each cell and that no cell is left blank. Any extra punctuation or comments will cause the report to fail. In addition, please note that there are two columns for credit. The attend hours total is the total number of credit hours attended by the individual. The attend ethics column identifies how much of the attend hours also qualify for legal ethics. Please list only OBA member attendees.

Your completed attendance report must be saved as a document, then attached to an email and sent to Please include the name of the organization sponsoring the seminar, the seminar title and the date of the seminar.

If you have questions regarding this process or any other MCLE related matter, you may contact us by email at or by phone at 405-416-7009.

WordPerfect Template