Legislative Reading Day - Saturday, Jan. 27

By Angela Ailles Bahm

Calling all members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. Here is the preliminary agenda for the 2017 Day at the Capitol. This important event will take place on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, starting at the Oklahoma Bar Center. Put it on your calendar now.


After the presentations, all attendees will be welcome to go to the Capitol to meet with their legislators. Take advantage of a great opportunity to visit with authors of bills in which you have an interest.  

If attending, email debbieb@okbar.org or call Debbie Brink at 405-416-7014; 800-522-8065.

It is always important for its citizens to be a part of the legislative process, and with many new "freshman" legislators, this is the perfect time to show them what a valuable resource members of the Oklahoma Bar Association can be.  I will look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Day at the Capitol.

Ms. Bahm practices in Oklahoma City and will serve as the Legislative Monitoring Committee chairperson. She can be contacted at angela.ailles-bahm.ga2e@statefarm.com.