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This page is organized a bit differently from the others. It contains fun and interesting sites for the lawyer. Some of these are duplicated elsewhere in our directory, but many of these did not fit into the other categories. Some of them are very useful for legal work. Others are just "Fun & Interesting Sites." A brief description accompanies each listing.
— Jim Calloway

Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You
The Humane Society of the United States offers a free kit to help ensure that your beloved pet will continue to be cared for should something unexpected happen to you.
What lawyer wouldn’t love a website promising every rule in the universe? From card games to professional sports, from kid’s games to board games, from grammar rules to casino games, more rules than you ever ever hope to learn are available online here.

The USGS Geographic Names Information System
The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the USGS in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States. You can use for simple things like finding the county where an Oklahoma town is located or finding all streams named after a famous person. It also links to maps and aerial photographs.
Oklahoma-based site tracking jury verdicts and other information

Famous American Trials
University of Missouri-Kansas City College of Law Professor Doug Linder profiles famous court cases with essays, pictures, links and trial transcript excerpts. A student of legal history will find much of interest here, like reading H.L. Mencken's daily newspaper accounts of the Scopes "Monkey Trial."
The founder of Microlaw, Ross Kodner, probably does more presentations on legal technology each year than anyone. His company’s site is notable for many things, but most remarkable is the number of "slide shows" from these CLE presentations he has placed online for free viewing by anyone.

Law in Popular Culture Collection
University of Texas College of Law’s Tarlton Law Library has an extensive online collection of essays, links, searchable databases and much more. Whether you want to find the name of your favorite lawyer movie, learn about the background of an author of legal thrillers or read some quotes from TV’s Ally McBeal, this is the place to do so. - The Urban Legend Reference Pages
Email has certainly helped speed the spread of rumors. Before you quickly forward that email about free tickets to Disney World, the gang of kidney-stealing thieves or the "Join the Crew" computer virus, check out the rumor here.
How many devices do you have in your home or office that have no manual any longer? If you get lucky, maybe you can find an online version here when you need it.

The Law Marketing Portal

How Stuff Works
Don't we all wonder, at one time or another, just how something works?

CIA World Factbook
The next time the kids are working on homework about another country, you can convince them you know everything.

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