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2016 Insurance Law Update
2017 Labor and Employment Law Update
2016 Legal Updates – Day One
2016 Legal Updates – Day Two
2017 Legal Updates - Day One
2017 Legal Updates - Day Two
31st Annual Advanced Bankruptcy Seminar
32nd Annual Advanced Bankruptcy Seminar - Day One
32nd Annual Advanced Bankruptcy Seminar - Day Two
33rd Annual Basic Bankruptcy Course: Leaping into Chapter 7
A Guide to 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Principles and Litigation
Advanced DUI
Advanced Estate Planning Techniques for High Net-Worth Clients
Area 51: Next-Wave Protection Planning
Banking and Commercial Law Update - 2016

Banking and Commercial Law Update - 2017

CRT, CRAT, CRUT and all that CRAP! (advanced estate planning through charitable gifting)
Commercial Damages and Lost Profits: An Overview for Attorneys & Judges
Developments in Rural Health Care That Every Practitioner Need to Know
Digital Client Files – The Basics of Going Paperless
Doing Your Job as a Trial Lawyer: Experts and Trial Tactics
DUI Law 101
Essential Business Skills for Lawyers
Essential Principles in Family Law
Evidence Basics: What You Once Knew, Thought You Knew and Need to Know
Get Inside the Mind of the Accused Using Digital Forensics
Health Law Section: Educational Rights of Children with Disabilities
Health Law Section: Legal Issues for Minor Patients and Their Families and Providers
Hot Topics Every Attorney Needs to Know About Indian Law
How Federal Immigration Law Affects Your Practice
Learn How to Tell if The Insurance Company is Acting in Good Faith
Legal Research Made Easier and Less Costly
Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers
Mediation and Arbitration Strategies for Today’s Litigation
MOB Oklahoma: The Preservation Trust Supports Asset Protection Outside Oklahoma
New Mental Health Regs in Social Security Administration: What you Need to Know by January 17th
Nursing Home Litigation from Both Sides of the Bar
OBA War College: Advanced Asset Protection Strategies, Tactics and Procedures
Oklahoma Liquor Law Update
Oil and Gas Land Titles: Selected Topics for Professional in the Oil and Gas Industry
Overcoming Challenges in Determining Economic Damages
Practicalities of Family Law Advocacy
Practicing Elder Law
Probate: The Practice Manual
Selected Topics Relating to Fiduciary Litigation
The Basics and Not So Basics of Family Law
The Fracking Face-Off: Range Resources, Sackett and Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing

The Rapidly Evolving Field of Transgender Law
The Revocable Asset Preservation Trust - New Planning Horizons from Oklahoma
The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy (The Story of Stephen's Boats) by Robert M. LeVine - Hard Copy Book
Tips and Trends to Keep You on Top: Hot Topics in Tax Resolution, Criminal Law, Family Law and More
Understanding Oklahoma Indian Country & Indian Country Jurisdiction
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: From Fundamentals to Advanced Issues
Workers Compensation: Old Law vs. New Law