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NOTE:  If our program is NOT approved for Texas credit. The Texas Bar will not permit members to submit online programs for Texas credit. There are fees involved with submitting a credit application to the Texas MCLE department. Texas will not accept an application or payment from an individual member as there are certain obligations sponsors have if they apply for accreditation, including payment of fees and reporting of attendance. These fees can sometimes be $100.00 or more.
  As the sponsor of the program, OBA must submit the application for this program.  If you want us to submit the application please contact Mark Schneidewent ( to make arrangements to pay the fees.

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2017 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Estate Planning for Mom & Pop (1/0)
Relocation: When Harry Left Sally (1/0)
Civil Discovery: Forms & Procedures (1/0)
Navigating Tribal Court Practice (1/0)
Basics of a DPS Revocation Hearing (1/0)
Hot Areas of Oklahoma Oil & Gas (1/0)
How to Read an Abstract (1/0)

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