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Costs, Sizes, Specifications



All display ads will be published in four color. If assistance is needed with design or an ad has to be resized, a $50 fee will be added to the rate. Multiple insertion rates can only be guaranteed if the ads are purchased at the same time and are based on the number of ads used within 12 months.

AD SIZE  1x  3x  6x  10x 
Inside Front Cover       $2,125       $2,050       $1,965       $1,875      
Inside Back Cover  $1,950  $1,875  $1,785  $1,720 
Back Cover  $2,300  $2,215  $2,130  $2,075 
Opposite Table of Contents       $1,715  $1,620  $1,570  $1,505 
Opposite Inside Front Cover       $1,825  $1,750  $1,685  $1,625 
2-Page Spread  $2,100  $2,015  $1,925  $1,855 
Full Page $1,625  $1,540  $1,490  $1,445 
2/3 Page $1,200  $1,145  $1,115  $1,085 
1/2 Page $975 $930  $890  $855 
1/3 Page $800  $770  $740  $705 
1/4 Page $685  $655  $625  $610 
1/6 Page  $530  $500  $485  $475 


All advertising rates are net and not subject to commission. All display advertising must be accompanied by a written request including ad size, number of insertions and dates desired and position preference. Preferred positions and cover positions will be guaranteed when available.


Each issue of the Oklahoma Bar Journal contains a classified advertising section. Regular classified ads are available at $1.50 per word with a $35 minimum charge per issue. Frequency-placement discounts are not available. Classified ads must be submitted in writing and must be prepaid.


Display classified advertising is available with a box border and bold typeface at $70 per column inch per issue. Frequency-placement discounts are not available. A minimum of one column inch will be sold and additional space is sold only in increments of a full inch. All display classified advertising must be submitted in writing and be prepaid.


A surcharge of $15 to cover forwarding of replies is required on all blind box advertisements. This will apply each time the ad is published. Word count must include the phrase “Send replies to Box____, Oklahoma Bar Association, P.O. Box 53036, Oklahoma City, OK 73152.”

Names of box holders will not be disclosed. If there are persons or firms that you do not want your reply to reach, address the reply to the box number and enclose that envelope in another envelope, address to the Oklahoma Bar Journal, along with a list of those persons or firms. If the advertiser is anyone on that list your letter will be destroyed.


New advertisers are required to prepay for first ad insertion. Also, all classified and classified display advertising must be prepaid. Display advertising also should be prepaid unless special arrangements have been negotiated. Proof of publication will be provided only upon request.


OBA sections, committees, county bar association, law schools and other law-related groups receive a 40 percent discount for display ads unless the ad promotes a CLE not co-sponsored by the OBA. The discount is applied to the rate for one ad. 



Advertising may be canceled only by written notice received prior to the advertising deadline. If a frequency discount was given and the ad is cancelled prior to meeting the frequency requirement, the advertiser will be responsible for paying the difference of the two rates.


Proofs will only be provided if requested and will be for typographical corrections only. All other changes will be charged on the basis of time occupied in making such changes ($50/hour).

Refusal of Ads

The Oklahoma Bar Association reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisement which it considers to be objectionable or offensive in subject matter, illustration or phraseology.


The Oklahoma Bar Association is not liable for any error in advertisement to a greater extent than the cost of the space occupied by the error. This does not apply to advertisers who provide camera-ready artwork or who have proofed copy.

Retention of Materials

Ad materials will be retained for 12 months.


Trim size of page is 8.5″× 10.875″. Camera ready display ads must be 300 dpi, print-ready PDF files with fonts embedded.

AD SIZE      WIDTH       HEIGHT      
2-Page Spread       17.25 in  11.125 in 
Back Cover  7.5 in  7.375 in 
Full Page Bleed  8.75 in  11.125 in 
Full Page  7.5 in  9.875 in 
2/3 Page (horizontal) 7.5 in 6.5 in 
2/3 Page (vertical)  4.9167 in  9.875 in 
1/2 Page (horizontal)       7.5 in  4.8125 in 
1/2 Page (vertical)  3.625 in  9.875 in 
1/3 Page (horizontal)  7.5 in  3.125 in 
1/3 Page (vertical)  2.33 in  9.875 in 
1/4 Page  3.625 in 4.8125 in 
1/6 Page (horizontal)       7.5 in  1.4375 in 
1/6 Page (vertical)  2.33 in  4.8125 in 


Preferred Material:

Digital files are preferred. 4-color CMYK film is acceptable but file must be built the correct ad dimensions. Black only ads can be submitted as camera-ready copy.

File Formats Accepted:

Color ads: All digital files must contain only CMYK data. No RGB or any other color space accepted. Files must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. 

Center Insert:

Contact advertising@okbar.org for insert deadlines and mechanical requirements.

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