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Practice Area Articles

Publication Dates

These articles appear in five bar news issues of the journal every year. Authors are given the opportunity to review their articles prior to publication to update if necessary. 

Topics for Content

See the editorial calendar for upcoming practice areas to be featured. Practical, “how to” articles that would benefit attorneys in their practice of law are especially encouraged. If you have an idea or need a suggestion for writing an article for an upcoming theme issue that features practice area articles, contact the editor. Contact info for the editors is found in the editorial calendar. The editor coordinates the topics for each practice area issue to prevent duplication.

Length and Format

Submit one original using 8½″ × 11″ page size between four and 12 pages (including endnotes) using double spacing. Please number pages, use endnotes instead of footnotes and include your name in a byline under the title. Endnotes should not be excessive in number and length. The receipt of all article submissions will be confirmed with an email.


The Board of Editors review and approve all articles for publication. Decision is based on quality of the article, its substantive value, its general interest to Oklahoma lawyers and the originality of its subject matter. Preference is given to OBA members. Authors of articles not selected are notified by email of the board’s decision.


Send your article to the editor responsible for the practice area issue via email or as a hard copy. Every author is required to complete the OBA publication agreement when submitting an article. The agreement is available in a form-filled PDF, which may be emailed, faxed or mailed to the editor. The editorial calendar contains contact information for the editors. Additional instructions will follow.

Upon Acceptance

Email your biographical sketch of 75 words or less. Please note details of honors bestowed by other publications (e.g., Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, etc.) will not be accepted for publication in the Oklahoma Bar Journal. (Oklahoma-based publications are the exception.)

You also need to email a color or black and white photograph. Size must be at least 3 inches tall (300px × 450px) and have a resolution of no less than 200 dpi. Send as an attachment in a jpg format.


Call Carol Manning, OBJ News & Layout Editor at 405-416-7016 or 800-522-8065, or email carolm@okbar.org.

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