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Letters to the Editor Policies

1. Letters to the Editor are invited on bar-related issues.

2. Letters should be no longer than 300 words and may be edited for brevity and style.

3. Letters must be typewritten, signed and include OBA member number.

4. Not more than three letters from any individual will be published within one year.

5. The editor reserves the right to choose which letters to publish. Unpublished letters cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

6. Letters responding to a previously published letter should address the issues and not be a personal attack on the author.

7. No letter shall be published that contains defamatory or obscene material, violates the Code of Professional Conduct or otherwise may subject the OBA to civil or criminal liability.

8. No letter shall be published that advocates or opposes a particular candidate for a political or judicial office or that contains a solicitation or advertisement for a commercial or business purpose.

Send letters to:
Oklahoma Bar Journal Editor
Oklahoma Bar Association
P.O. Box 53036
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3036
or e-mail carolm@okbar.org
or fax to: (405) 416-7089

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